How to get Free Amazon Gift Cards

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Free Amazon Gift Card Codes
Claim your free Amazon Gift Card Codes. Join over 200,000 members and become part of the biggest reward site on the net. We process hundreds of requests a day from people wanting to purchase products from, and our site provides the tools for them to not only make an order for that item but get it for free!

What you can do with Amazon Gift Card Codes

Amazon Gift Card is a simple prepaid voucher that will add funds to your existing account. The voucher itself (and also once applied to your account) will never expire, allowing you to spend it as you please on any product sold on Amazon.

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

Have you ever stumbled across something you liked on Amazon, then realised it was a bit too expensive? Or maybe you wanted to pre-order the latest video game ready to play on release date, yet was unsure about forking out full price? After you're finished reading this article you'll not only be able make an order for that product on Amazon, but you'll also find out how to claim it for free!

What are we about?

We are the biggest reward based site, processing over 1000 requests every day from our members for Amazon Gift Cards. We provide free gift cards for completing simple Offers. Offers range from completing quick tasks like submiting answers about your favourite band to watching videos. For doing this, you get rewarded Points which you can redeem for Amazon Gift Cards. Effectively you're being rewarded for things you do on the internet anyway. Below is a testimonial from one of our users showing themself redeem an Amazon Gift Card Code they just received.

How to Get Started!

Step 1.

Register for your free account below, making sure to confirm your e-mail address.

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes Signup

Step 2.

Once your account is made, head over to the homepage and complete your first Offer. Keep in mind the conversion rate is 100 Points for $1, therefore completing an offer worth 200 points will give you $2 towards your Amazon Gift Card Code. Considering each offers takes a couple of minutes to do is testiomony to how quick and easy it is.

There are a wide selection of offers to complete, if you need any help completing them take a look at the Ultimate Offers Guide here.

Step 3.

Once you have enough points, its time to request your Amazon Gift Card Code! To do this, click 'Prizes' at the top of the homepage and navigate to the 'Online Gift Cards' section. Place your request for the Gift Card you need from the selection given (denominations available: $5, $10, $25 and $50).

After your request your Free Amazon Gift Card Code, you can find the code in the Prize Claim History section. Retrieve your code by clicking 'View' then proceed to website to redeem it on your account. For full instructions on how to redeem your Free Amazon Gift Card Code check the Amazon Gift Card support page found here.

Proof & Testimonials

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

   Melissa P.


"At first glance, I was unsure what to do or if this would even work. But I got to gripse with using the site within minutes of joining. Redeemed my first code in the first hour, a $10 Gift Card and was shocked to not only receive the code but it I got it in such a short time!

Definitely worth having a look at, and I'll be using this a lot to get a few books and blu ray films I've wanted."


Finally, take a look at the Official forums. Here you can ask questions, get help on doing offers, even see what many of our other users have received in the 'Show what you got' sub-forum.

Enjoy getting your Free Amazon Gift Codes!

Congratulations! Your Free Amazon Gift Card Code is now redeemed!

Free Amazon Gift Card Code

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